‘The Strolling Dead’ is getting a good AR game in line with the TV series

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Pokémon did it. Why don’t you The Strolling Dead, as well?

The Strolling Dead: The world is an approaching mobile sport that’s constructed around location-based enhanced reality. Which mouthful associated with tech lingo basically means: it’s Pokémon Proceed, with zombies.

The actual upcoming sport – which is available for Google android and os – is dependant on AMC’s TV series, also it features figures like Ron Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Michonne (as you can tell in the truck above). What is not clear — for now, a minimum of – is when it all functions.

Pokémon Go is really a natural match for this type of location-based gaming due to the way that sequence emphasizes getting and creating a collection of your personal fantastical creatures.

The Strolling Dead, however, is about individuals surviving throughout a zombie apocalypse. The actual comics and television series have a tendency to focus on personality stories, but it is likely our World — based on both trailer and also the nature associated with video games — is more regarding combat.

That will be the technique for creator Next Video games: figuring out steps to make a virtual living dead apocalypse fun and interesting in the context of a good AR experience. Within the trailer, we have seen first-person hands carrying an assortment of weaponry, but how may that mean whatever you are doing in your phone in real life?

In other words: What’s going to make this a game title?

That’s a query Next Video games will need to solution as more particulars come out regarding Our World. Pokémon Proceed proved likely to appetite for the best kind of AR encounter. Will this particular be one of all of them? We’ll discover soon.

September 4, 2016

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